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FOIA Library

Welcome to USAID’s updated FOIA library!  In addition to the information provided on the Freedom of Information Act, Title 5 U.S.C. § 552 and agency FOIA regulations, you may now also browse for USAID’s frequently requested records by entering search criteria below. Examples of search criteria include a company name, an award number, a bureau/mission and/or a specific program.  If you would like to obtain additional records, please go to the top of the page and click register or sign in to submit a FOIA request.  Please click here to return to the USAID FOIA homepage.  USAID is committed to transparency and an open government and is working to build up the agency’s repository of available records for your convenience.

Please note: Due to certain sensitivities, Privacy Act requests are not posted to the FOIA library.  

Search for Documents in Reading Room
Reading Room File CabinetDescription
Travel and TransportationRecords documenting domestic and international temporary duty travel of USAID employees and/or individuals approved to travel in an official government capacity
FOIA LogsFOIA requests processed by fiscal year
FOIA ReportsAnnual, Quarterly and Chief FOIA Officer Reports
News EventsRecords concerning events being reported by the news media.
Purchase Card HoldersContracting and non-procurement personnel with the ability to purchase supplies and services using a government issued credit card. Please note a Purchase Card and a “Travel Card” are not the same.

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