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Request Status
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Note:  To check the status of a FOIA request you must have the tracking number provided by the FOIA Office. The tracking number must be entered exactly as it was provided and the last name of the requester must be entered to validate the request. If you have any questions about the status of your request contact the FOIA Office.

FOIA Request Status Definitions

In Process - A temporary case number has been issued and a permanent case number will be e-mailed to you.

Received -Your request has been properly received by the USAID FOIA Office. A notice was sent informing you of a request tracking number.

Assigned -Your request has been assigned to a Government Information Specialist for processing.

On Hold -Need Info/Clarification - Your request is on hold (meaning that the processing time is suspended) pending clarification of scope, request for additional information, etc.; or pending resolution of a fee matter, e.g., estimated costs exceed what was promised to pay, estimated costs exceed $250.00, etc.  You will be notified via correspondence explaining the specific matter that must be resolved before processing continues.  

Document Delivered –Responsive documents have been delivered. If delivery was made via the Public Access website the download icon will be present. Otherwise the records will be delivered in the method requested.

Closed -The Agency's response to your request was sent and your case is closed.

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